potato enchiladas


so, if you haven’t noticed… I haven’t posted in awhile. sorry about that. I just haven’t felt inspired to cook anything worth taking pictures of or investing energy into making a whole recipe post about it.

but I recently went on vacation to Lopez Island for just a couple of days but apparently just enough time for me to come back feeling a little inspired to participate in my food blog.  Tonight I made an imagined enchilada that is completely improvised and ending up tasting pretty good.







enchilada filling recipe-ish: (serves 2-ish)

2 baseball sized potatoes, any variety, I used yellow finn

1 cup of cheddar cheese, shredded

1 corn cob, kernels cut off

3 tbsp butter

boil potatoes until tender and easily mashed

in the meantime, shred cheese and cut off corn- put both in a bowl

once potatoes are done and drained add them to the bowl of cheese/corn

add butter and use a hand held masher, then mash!

I like it a little lumpy – the point is to have it thick – don’t add any liquid.


enchilada sauce recipe-

3 baseball sized tomatoes,  I used heirloom varieties: persimmon, rose de berne, and purple cherokee largely chopped

1 jalapeno, minced

6 scallions, thinly chopped

2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped

1/4 c chili powder

1/2 tbsp salt

3 garlic cloves

1/4 c water

1 tbsp cacao (optional)

1/4 c flour

simmer water and tomatoes.

add all ingredients and just gently stir until tomatoes are fairly boiled down and skins fall off andare almost indistinguishable. should thicken up and taste and adjust as you want

sweet peppers are very lightly cooked in olive oil over low low heat, slowly until verrrry tender. mmmmmm. Any sweet pepper will do but some taste better than others, I think! I used that delicious orange colored one above.

warm some corn tortillas or make your own. drop 1/4 c -ish of filling into tortilla, roll up. Top with sauce and top that with peppers.

eat. and repeat.



Eggplant Sandwiches with Tofu

DSCN6876 DSCN6881


I almost never make sandwiches. especially since they, to me, are a very seasonal food. they require fresh tomatoes, that grow near by, and in my case, 200 yards away. Tomatoes are one of those foods that if it isn’t in season and it isn’t local. . . it isn’t good. Onions can be the same way but only because fresh onions are so delicious and crisp that you want them and nothing else.

we are without an oven right now. well we have one, in our possession. and it works. it just isn’t installed. so anything that maybe, normally, I would use the oven for , I have figured out that I’ll just do it on the stove top and hope for the best.

First I sliced the eggplant into about eight slices. A little thicker is better because you really want them to say soft and juicy. I coated them with olive oil in a hot pan and tossed them so they were truly saturated. The more oil the better, you want them to become and stay, super tender. Add some salt, to taste, and as much black pepper as you can stand and let them cook on about medium heat with a lid on for about fifteen minutes, flipping as needed.


While that was cooking, I prepared everything else.

the yield is for two sandwiches

sliced tofu into squares and fried until crispy (you can omit this and the sandwich still taste good)

sliced 1 walla walla sweet onion

sliced 4 small tomatoes

4 leaves of romaine lettuce

garlic chevre


slightly toasted bread, of your choice

assemble however you see fit and enjoy!

MAKE sure that you don’t under cook the eggplant because that doesn’t taste good. and TRY not to over cook the eggplant so that it isn’t juicy and delicious.

DSCN6903 DSCN6905 DSCN6907




Chevre Toast with Carmelized Onions and Morel Mushrooms


Oh Morels…

When I was a kid my dad and I would go hunting for Morels in the forest after it rained and ticks would be everyone on him and I would have to pick them off and maybe that isn’t the best visual or tone to set for a food blog.

so, anyways…

We harvested our first round of green beans this week and boy oh boy am I excited. I look forward to our green beans every year because they are so delicious and crisp and sweet.

We also harvested all of garlic last week and it is hanging up to dry in the greenhouse and barn. So we have garlic again which is a miracle because we ran out quite a while ago and I have been missing it since!

So, different than what this post is titled I also cooked something before I actually made the Chevre Toast. I quartered some red beets and brought to a boil and boiled them for about ten minutes. Our beets are straight from the field and super tender so your may take longer. just poke em with a fork to see if they are just soft enough. Don’t cook them too much they dry out and they lost nutrients!

DSCN6857 DSCN6858

I sliced fennel bulb and walla walla onions and minced ‘special brown’ garlic. I carmelized that all in olive oil while the beets were boiling. in a seperate pan , I melted a tbsp of butter and added halved morel mushrooms. I let them soften and bubble for about three minutes. Right before the beets were about to be done, I added the green beans to the the carmelizing onion and fennel mixture and sauted them in that pan for about three minutes. You want them to be crisp still but softer than they were! and BRIGHT GREEN.


This is when I sliced some local Olive Levain bread and smeared goat garlic chevre onto it and topped with some  carmelized onions. 

DSCN6871 DSCN6868

I drained the beets, added them to the plate, topped with green bean concoction and served it. It was all perfectly cooked and delicious and looked somewhat like this…





creamy cilantro pesto

pesto! is one of my favorite things to put in my mouth. I love it. but our basil isn’t quite on yet and so I am improvising with some cilantro.


I always make my pesto with nuts. Usually cashews but sometimes walnuts, if I don’t have any cashews around. which was the situation tonight.

1 c cashews/walnuts

1 c cilantro

4 large cloves garlic

salt, to taste

1/4 c olive oil

3 tb lemon juice

you put this all in a food processor until it is super creamy. this is a rough recipe, just keep adding little bits of each of these ingredients until you get the flavor and texture you want. this pesto also freezes super well. when the time is right and you want to make a bunch so you have it through the winter, especially with basil. just make a ton of it and put it in whatever size plastic yogurt or soft cheese containers. and pesto! you’ve got pesto! (…)

I put this pesto on after the rosemary garlic bread was toasted with parmesan cheese and then topped with sungold tomatoes.


the rest of dinner was new potatoes with freshly shelled peas.


because I shelled a lot of peas today like 15lbs worth. or more. I blanched them, got them in freezer bags and they are ready to eat in the winter. As far as vegetables go we eat by the season around here because what we have is what we are going to eat. so freezing and canning stuff really helps and gives our winter eating some pizazz when all we have had for a while is potatoes, parsnips, and beets. Do you all want to know about how to freeze and can things? Should I post information on that?


breakfast tacos with dilly beans


this is less of a recipe post and more of a post to inspire you to make a thought free, nutrient rich meal.

Breakfast tacos are one of my favorite go to meals in the morning or even for lunch. . . but then they are lunch tacos so insert time of day as you see fit. Really anything can go onto your tacos, just whatever you have.

the ingredients that I feel are necessary to make them even remotely tasty are the following:


dilly beans

fried egg

past that point, the options are endless. this morning I matchsticked some new potatoes. (I still have that euphoria of having brand new, straight out of the ground, potatoes!) I heated a skillet with olive oil and added them in there once the oil was hot. I added some salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, and minced garlic.


I let those cook for five minutes or so and while they were cooking, I thinly sliced some red cabbage and french breakfast radishes. I got out the corn tortillas, vegannaise, dilly beans, yogurt, eggs, and cheese.

I cracked the eggs into the skillet and let em fry. I usually do one egg per person which reminds me to mention. this meal requires multiple ingredients but not very much of them. I only used two golf ball sized potatoes for 8 tacos. anymore and you won’t be able to get your taco in your mouth. and if you can’t get it in your mouth        you can’t taste it        and what is the fun in that?


that is all frying (eggs, potatoes)     cabbage and radishes are sliced.

condiments are out.  also I used cheddar cheese this morning because that is all we had. I would recommend a goat feta or cotija, instead.

usually I will try to multi-task, turning on a second burner and warming/toasting the tortillas over it (see photo above). sometimes I get distracted by another task such as retrieving plates and the tortillas will become blackened on the edges, more so than I might prefer..


this is the final product and it always is delicious. you could add lettuce, olives, salsa, onions, beans, meat ( if you eat it) , peas, broccoli, kale- the list is endless, whatever you have, add it and play. decide what flavors you enjoy the most. I always add our homemade dilly beans because they add a special punch that gives em life.

I topped them with plain yogurt from our friends local creamery. it is the best yogurt I have ever had.

DSCN6822 (2)

quinoa with peas

DSCN6788 DSCN6790

I went out to the field to harvest shelling peas for dinner and came back with everything else you see. beets, french breakfast radishes, sungold tomatoes (the first ever picked this year!)

I had some quinoa left over that I cooked yesterday afternoon and so was going to make some dinner with that.

the following is a rough recipe of what I created.

any amount of quinoa that you see fit (I used red but any kind will be good)

shelling peas taken out of their pods and boiled for about four minutes

tomatoes, whole if tiny, chopped neatly otherwise (I used sungold cherry tomatoes)

shredded parmesan  or romano cheese

salt, pepper to taste

chopped parsley

olive oil

optional: onion, garlic

the way that I prepared this meal was cold (because the quinoa was in the refrigerator) and I just topped the quinoa with all the listed ingredients. The outcome was great but really kept all the individual flavors, so they were distinct which is something I can appreciate. However, if you are looking for a richer, deeper flavor then perhaps an option would be to take the olive oil, pepper, salt, parsley and maybe even some garlic or mild red onion and blend it all together into a dressing. Combine this with the quinoa and let it mingle anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours so that the flavor develops and then top with left over ingredients. and I would side this with toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil.


i only want to share more and more recipes..

I feel torn because while I want to just share more and more recipes all at once, I also want to let you get familiarized with everything and ease you into the Wobbly Kitchen.  And so, just remember that I am here and look forward to recipes such as broccoli fritters, easy fluffy pancakes, fresh rice noodles, and pesto egg toastokay write to you soon…

creamy garlic dressing


I tossed together a salad, literally. full of lovelock and galisse lettuce. I shredded beets, kohlrabi, carrots, and radish  toasted some walnuts. added shredded parmesan and tossed it. then I made


makes enough for two large salads

1/2 c vegannaise or plain yogurt

2 medium garlic cloves

1 tb lemon juice

1 tb olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

new potatoes with fresh dill


I am very excited. This is the first harvest of new potatoes and if you have never had new potatoes straight out of a field you have no idea what you are missing. And if you don’t know, new potatoes are considered the first harvests of potatoes when the skin is still very tender and peels off.

they are so flavorful. so delicious. you must get your hands on them. better yet, dig em up yourself . It is like a treasure hunt and you’re not sure what you’re going to get. EVEN though you know you are looking for potatoes! It is just so much fun. really.

so the first meal of new potatoes will be delicious any way that you prepare them. However, you want to be able to taste the potato for what it really is and so you boil them. drizzle them with olive oil, and top them with fresh dill.

and that is the recipe.  since we are both new here, I will let you know that I don’t do well with specifics. sometimes, like with baking. measurements and specifics are necessary and make a good product. with everything else I feel like it is an intuitive process and it really just depends, on you.

I hope that you will persevere even if you aren’t sure of your ability to improvise. And if it really doesn’t go well for you, then and only then send me a message and I can give you guidance. I want your food endeavors to be successful and satisfying!

okay so make your way to your farmers market or local food co-op or wherever it is that you can get your hands on some local, organic, NEW potatoes! happy hunting.