quinoa with peas

DSCN6788 DSCN6790

I went out to the field to harvest shelling peas for dinner and came back with everything else you see. beets, french breakfast radishes, sungold tomatoes (the first ever picked this year!)

I had some quinoa left over that I cooked yesterday afternoon and so was going to make some dinner with that.

the following is a rough recipe of what I created.

any amount of quinoa that you see fit (I used red but any kind will be good)

shelling peas taken out of their pods and boiled for about four minutes

tomatoes, whole if tiny, chopped neatly otherwise (I used sungold cherry tomatoes)

shredded parmesan  or romano cheese

salt, pepper to taste

chopped parsley

olive oil

optional: onion, garlic

the way that I prepared this meal was cold (because the quinoa was in the refrigerator) and I just topped the quinoa with all the listed ingredients. The outcome was great but really kept all the individual flavors, so they were distinct which is something I can appreciate. However, if you are looking for a richer, deeper flavor then perhaps an option would be to take the olive oil, pepper, salt, parsley and maybe even some garlic or mild red onion and blend it all together into a dressing. Combine this with the quinoa and let it mingle anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours so that the flavor develops and then top with left over ingredients. and I would side this with toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil.



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