new potatoes with fresh dill


I am very excited. This is the first harvest of new potatoes and if you have never had new potatoes straight out of a field you have no idea what you are missing. And if you don’t know, new potatoes are considered the first harvests of potatoes when the skin is still very tender and peels off.

they are so flavorful. so delicious. you must get your hands on them. better yet, dig em up yourself . It is like a treasure hunt and you’re not sure what you’re going to get. EVEN though you know you are looking for potatoes! It is just so much fun. really.

so the first meal of new potatoes will be delicious any way that you prepare them. However, you want to be able to taste the potato for what it really is and so you boil them. drizzle them with olive oil, and top them with fresh dill.

and that is the recipe.  since we are both new here, I will let you know that I don’t do well with specifics. sometimes, like with baking. measurements and specifics are necessary and make a good product. with everything else I feel like it is an intuitive process and it really just depends, on you.

I hope that you will persevere even if you aren’t sure of your ability to improvise. And if it really doesn’t go well for you, then and only then send me a message and I can give you guidance. I want your food endeavors to be successful and satisfying!

okay so make your way to your farmers market or local food co-op or wherever it is that you can get your hands on some local, organic, NEW potatoes! happy hunting.



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