Eggplant Sandwiches with Tofu

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I almost never make sandwiches. especially since they, to me, are a very seasonal food. they require fresh tomatoes, that grow near by, and in my case, 200 yards away. Tomatoes are one of those foods that if it isn’t in season and it isn’t local. . . it isn’t good. Onions can be the same way but only because fresh onions are so delicious and crisp that you want them and nothing else.

we are without an oven right now. well we have one, in our possession. and it works. it just isn’t installed. so anything that maybe, normally, I would use the oven for , I have figured out that I’ll just do it on the stove top and hope for the best.

First I sliced the eggplant into about eight slices. A little thicker is better because you really want them to say soft and juicy. I coated them with olive oil in a hot pan and tossed them so they were truly saturated. The more oil the better, you want them to become and stay, super tender. Add some salt, to taste, and as much black pepper as you can stand and let them cook on about medium heat with a lid on for about fifteen minutes, flipping as needed.


While that was cooking, I prepared everything else.

the yield is for two sandwiches

sliced tofu into squares and fried until crispy (you can omit this and the sandwich still taste good)

sliced 1 walla walla sweet onion

sliced 4 small tomatoes

4 leaves of romaine lettuce

garlic chevre


slightly toasted bread, of your choice

assemble however you see fit and enjoy!

MAKE sure that you don’t under cook the eggplant because that doesn’t taste good. and TRY not to over cook the eggplant so that it isn’t juicy and delicious.

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Chevre Toast with Carmelized Onions and Morel Mushrooms


Oh Morels…

When I was a kid my dad and I would go hunting for Morels in the forest after it rained and ticks would be everyone on him and I would have to pick them off and maybe that isn’t the best visual or tone to set for a food blog.

so, anyways…

We harvested our first round of green beans this week and boy oh boy am I excited. I look forward to our green beans every year because they are so delicious and crisp and sweet.

We also harvested all of garlic last week and it is hanging up to dry in the greenhouse and barn. So we have garlic again which is a miracle because we ran out quite a while ago and I have been missing it since!

So, different than what this post is titled I also cooked something before I actually made the Chevre Toast. I quartered some red beets and brought to a boil and boiled them for about ten minutes. Our beets are straight from the field and super tender so your may take longer. just poke em with a fork to see if they are just soft enough. Don’t cook them too much they dry out and they lost nutrients!

DSCN6857 DSCN6858

I sliced fennel bulb and walla walla onions and minced ‘special brown’ garlic. I carmelized that all in olive oil while the beets were boiling. in a seperate pan , I melted a tbsp of butter and added halved morel mushrooms. I let them soften and bubble for about three minutes. Right before the beets were about to be done, I added the green beans to the the carmelizing onion and fennel mixture and sauted them in that pan for about three minutes. You want them to be crisp still but softer than they were! and BRIGHT GREEN.


This is when I sliced some local Olive Levain bread and smeared goat garlic chevre onto it and topped with some  carmelized onions. 

DSCN6871 DSCN6868

I drained the beets, added them to the plate, topped with green bean concoction and served it. It was all perfectly cooked and delicious and looked somewhat like this…