breakfast tacos with dilly beans


this is less of a recipe post and more of a post to inspire you to make a thought free, nutrient rich meal.

Breakfast tacos are one of my favorite go to meals in the morning or even for lunch. . . but then they are lunch tacos so insert time of day as you see fit. Really anything can go onto your tacos, just whatever you have.

the ingredients that I feel are necessary to make them even remotely tasty are the following:


dilly beans

fried egg

past that point, the options are endless. this morning I matchsticked some new potatoes. (I still have that euphoria of having brand new, straight out of the ground, potatoes!) I heated a skillet with olive oil and added them in there once the oil was hot. I added some salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, and minced garlic.


I let those cook for five minutes or so and while they were cooking, I thinly sliced some red cabbage and french breakfast radishes. I got out the corn tortillas, vegannaise, dilly beans, yogurt, eggs, and cheese.

I cracked the eggs into the skillet and let em fry. I usually do one egg per person which reminds me to mention. this meal requires multiple ingredients but not very much of them. I only used two golf ball sized potatoes for 8 tacos. anymore and you won’t be able to get your taco in your mouth. and if you can’t get it in your mouth        you can’t taste it        and what is the fun in that?


that is all frying (eggs, potatoes)     cabbage and radishes are sliced.

condiments are out.  also I used cheddar cheese this morning because that is all we had. I would recommend a goat feta or cotija, instead.

usually I will try to multi-task, turning on a second burner and warming/toasting the tortillas over it (see photo above). sometimes I get distracted by another task such as retrieving plates and the tortillas will become blackened on the edges, more so than I might prefer..


this is the final product and it always is delicious. you could add lettuce, olives, salsa, onions, beans, meat ( if you eat it) , peas, broccoli, kale- the list is endless, whatever you have, add it and play. decide what flavors you enjoy the most. I always add our homemade dilly beans because they add a special punch that gives em life.

I topped them with plain yogurt from our friends local creamery. it is the best yogurt I have ever had.

DSCN6822 (2)


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